What is Hemp?

How it relates to Cannabis and Marijuana
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Hemp and Marijuana come from Cannabis.

Just as an orange and grapefruit are from the citrus family tree, Hemp and Marijuana are from the Cannabis Sativa family lineage.

For centuries hemp has been used for everything from medicine and nutrition to clothing, fabrics, oil, and more.

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High CBD - Low THC

Compared to Marijuana, Hemp has miniscule (around 0.3%) amounts of the psychoactive compound THC that gets one “high”.

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Hemp is loaded with essential Vitamins A C and E, Minerals, Fiber, Betacarotene, Protein and more.

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May types of fabrics and materials have been constructed using the Hemp stock.

hemp can be used to build houses

Hemp-crete is just one of the main building materials used for green energy housing.

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